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There are many reasons to join Academy 

  1. To develop an international database of research, knowledge and skills in the field of healthy environmental design.
  2. To support national research programmes with government, university and corporate partners on design issues of national significance.
  3. To create the International Education Program for Design & Health and a series of executive management courses and professional program to educate and train current and future architects and design leaders.
  4. To grow the annual Symposium and Exhibition on Design & Health as an internationally significant event attended by world leaders in research and practice within government, universities, the public sector and business. 
  5. To develop the Design & Health Academy Awards as a world's leading advocacy and benchmarking program, recognizing and rewarding excellence in the research and practice of Salutogenic design.
  6. To enhance Design & Health media and information resource, by launching a professional, research and business networking platform. 
  7. As part of the new strategy the Academy has established the Young Leaders Program, which will interconnect experienced and young professionals and Ph.D. candidates as part of a mentoring program across the globe.

One of the many benefits of taking part in the Academy’s Young Leaders Program is the opportunity to build close relationships with other members of the Academy, to share knowledge and experiences and to be more involved with the Academy’s overall network of highly experienced professionals across many sectors covering the topic of Salutogenic healthy environments.


The Young Leaders Program is an outstanding program for professionals across all sectors covering the topic of Salutogenic Design to expand their skills and further their career. The program’s purpose is to develop reverse mentoring relationships with new and existing members of the Academy.  The Academy’s Mentoring Committee is committed to creating and supporting a strong community of professionals and to providing the tools and resources required for a successful carrier. 


We are pleased to announce that applications for mentors and mentees in all global regions are now open for members of the Academy. To participate, please send the follwong form.


I am proud of Dr. Parul, my latest successful Ph.D.

in shaping salutogenic learning environment! 

Alan Dilani

Dear Alan sir,

I hope this message finds you well. I write to you today with overwhelming emotions and heartfelt gratitude. After years of perseverance, I have officially earned my PhD, a feat that seemed enormous when I embarked on this journey. Today, as I celebrate this achievement, I find myself reflecting on those who have profoundly influenced this journey, and your name stands out prominently.

I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to you for introducing me to the world of salutogenic design. This concept became not just the foundation of my research, but also a significant part of my life philosophy. Your patient explanations and willingness to share your vast knowledge not only shaped my academic understanding, but also my perspective on children's health and well-being in learning environments.

Your unwavering support and encouragement throughout my PhD journey have been nothing short of a blessing. Today, as I officially bear the title of 'Dr.', I recognize that this achievement is not solely mine. It is a testament to the collective efforts, encouragement, and guidance of mentors like you.

Thank you, Alan sir, for your priceless contribution to my journey. I am beyond grateful for your mentorship, and I look forward to carrying forward the lessons you've imparted to me as I step into the next phase of my professional life.


With profound gratitude,


Be Mentor or Mentee

Academy's Mentor and Mentee program 

Academy has started a program called Academy M2 to connect experienced and young professionals and to build a lasting mentor-mentee relationship. This program will provide an effective platform for mentors to assist young and talented  scholars (Mentees) to learn from experienced professionals (Mentors).

Mentors will have the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge with the up-and-coming generation of young leaders, help them with professional and career development, with building new relationships, and exploring new opportunities within the diverse field of science.

Mentees will have the opportunity to connect with an experienced professional, who will provide continued guidance on how to achieve career and professional goals, deal with unprecedented issues, diversify skills, and expand professional networks.

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